Purchase information

  Huisheng purchase the following materials throughout the year:
OCC(COCC,AOCC,EOCC,etc.), imported commercial pulp, coal, additives for paper making, consumption materials for net and press sections, etc.

Contacting method one:
Tel: 0536- 8661244
Fax: 0536- 8663470
Address: No.6 Zeer Zhuang Road, Kuiwen District, Weifang City, Shandong, China.
P.C.: 261031
E-mail: ztcg@ruiqitv.com

Contacting method two:
Tel: 0536- 7675079
Fax: 0536- 7675079
Address: No. 5 Gangchang Road, Gangchang Industrial Area, High- tech Development Zone, Weifang City, Shandong, China.
P.C.: 261201
E-mail: wfguohong@126.com

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